What is Search Engine Optimization ? – How SEO Works

SEO is Search Engine Optimization means how every search works and its behavior towards every single web page. Seo is one of the best and famous technique to increase traffic or visitor flow towards you website, Blog, or other web pages. Every person who use website or other webpages always hear about word SEO. But did you know what is Seo ? or how its work. ? If you are running any site but getting very much low visitors from search engines. What is the reason behind it. why search engine don’t refer your site. ? All the above question are faced by every new person in web market. If you don’t know about the reason then you need to learn about SEO working.

Everyone wants to increase traffic on there site and webpages because if your site get more visitors then your product and customers will be increase and you will earn more money from ads or others money making ways. If you don’t concentrate on Seo working of your site then unfortunately your site will not not become too much famous as you are dreaming. Your site need hard work to make your dreams come true. Today I will try to discuss and explore the working of Seo.

 How SEO Works ?

Search engine use different algorithm and ways to creates  results for every search make by users. Most Famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing,  Or many other search engines have millions of daily users who are making searches on different targets like keywords, videos, images etc. But the main reason is on what bases they are displaying millions of pages from first place to till end one.

Every search engine want to display accurate result matching to keywords search by user at that time. Search engine use bots which find best matching keyword to display best output result to user. Google using bots name spiders which crawl different webpages which they feel good for index. Every search engine show millions of results related to search made by users which are arranged from first to last page, based on many reasons like accurate matching search keywords, pages with more Backlinks, more visitors, Unique original content and many other reasons which helps to gain search engine page rank.

Some SEO Friendly Tips

  • Search Engine Bots always crawl and index that are Seo Friendly. To write Seo friendly article is not so much difficult task. Always Write article which good in quality and helpful for users. These types of article are also Seo friendly, always write for peoples not for search engine. Sometimes title and description of site don’t match with content these types of pages are counted as spam by users and search engines also.
  • Good backlinks helps you to increase search engine ranking.
  • Always Write user own words, don’t copy articles from others and Always Write articles related to one particular articles. Its Helps users to make interest in all articles. 
  • Always Updates your site in every search engines by submitting sitemap of your site in webmaster of search engines and make sure that your all pages are indexed by search engine.

These are few tips to about search engine optimization and its working with some Seo friendly tips. In Future articles i will try to explain all seo tips and tricks one by one.

If have any question related to Seo and related to this article must share your comment. I feel glad to response as soon as possible.