What is Alexa Website Ranking – How it Works And Improve Rank ?

Alexa is one the biggest platform of web information for calculating and measuring  popularity of every website available on web. Alexa offers ranking to every site, based on calculation of three month data of visitors and page view for particular country and location. Alexa collects data from every users who installed Alexa toolbar or status bar and with other different resources by applying mathematical calculations.

How Alexa Rank Works ?

Alexa is one of the simplest and trusted way to observe the performance of any site in relates to another sites. Alexa Calculates ranking from rough average of three month traffic and also Seo performance of that site. From all total website, blogs and other webpages present in web are ranked on bases of traffic data, backlinks and search performance. Near about 20 millions sites are ranked Globally in which 1st rank for most popular site and 2nd for most popular at second no and then one by one on Seo and traffic bases. Like Google.com at 1st, Facebook.com at 2nd and YouTube.com at 3rd place. If you want to check you can also check my site ranking which is decreasing day by day and Sites Which show No Data Means that site has very much low traffic to gain rank in Alexa lesser than 10 million.

How Much Alexa Ranking is Important ?

Alexa is important in many factors like attracting people, To check site Popularity, Attracting many advertisers. But the best part about Alexa as compare to other ranking services are
  • It Updates daily ranking bases on daily visitors means it is helpful to check your traffic improvement also.
  • More Alexa ranking helps to attract many advertisers easily means better Alexa ranking helps to earn more.
  • It is helpful to see popularity bases on specific country wise or local locations also.
  • Show Alexa Widget On Site also Attract and increases trust of Users towards your site
  • Alexa is also helpful in Seo techniques because it also display queries and keywords which are have high impact in Seo. Alexa provides Seo pack services on paid bases.

Some Tips To Improve Alexa Rank ?

  • Try to increase your site traffic through social media or other ways because more traffic helps to decrease Alexa  at fast speed.
  • If you have content based site then be frequent in posting. Regular posting also have great impact.
  • Try to use some effective Seo techniques because more traffic through search engines is counted as organic which have great impact on Alexa.
  • Try to increase good backlinks More good backlinks to your site also effect ranking.
  • Don’t buy any services which sell paid visitors or backlinks these services have very bad effect in future.
alexa graph

So above mentions are few tips about improvement of Alexa ranking. In future i will try to write in detail about improving Alexa. I hope this article helps you to clear some facts about Alexa and its ranking.