Difference Between Shared, VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Web hosting or servers are the main and basic components of Internet working. Everything on internet needs some space to store and Bandwidth for speed just same as in any device. To understand in better and simple way compare your desktop CPU with Web servers. In CPU all performance is based on Processor and RAM and Hard drive for storage and in same way Web servers performance is based on Bandwidth and CPU usage provided by hosting companies.
Web Hosting are of three type Shared Hosting, VPS (virtual private servers) and Dedicated Servers. Shared web hosting are common hosting plans for small business websites or personal websites for less usage. VPS hosting are best for professional or small business levels and Dedicated Servers or Dedicated IPs which serve and work for simple platform these are best for big corporates, blogs and other websites where huge traffic comes. In short these three hosting are based on different requirements and usage.

Shared/Web Hosting

Normally we use shared hosting plans for personal or small usage. Shared hosting plans are easily affordable for normal personal who just want start new website or blog then Shared hosting plan is best choice. Basically Shared Hosting act as common server for too many users. In short one common High performance server took load of all the multiple hosting plans. So if you choose best service provider for web Hosting then their are few changes for site getting not available or you plan not able to handle traffic load.
So always make right choice for buying new hosting plan. Sometimes we buy hosting plan from not trusted or provider with bad performance just for save few of dollars. According to if you buy cheap plan from bad company just to save few of $$ dollars on yearly plan then Sorry that’s not right choice because your all money will definitely get waste. So on my recommendation try to buy Web Hosting plans from Hostgator, BlueHost or DreamHost these three companies perform best and delivers good services.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

VPS is a virtual private machine which perform like a server but in actual these are not server machines just and virtual environment is created. VPS are most common and best plans for those which have good visitor volume. VPS are best for blogs and corporate websites where almost 100+ users are always get online. VPS plans are little bit costly So if you are newbie and you planning to start online business then i recommend to try Shared hosting first with right provider as explained above and then in future if you feel your business or blog is performing well then upgrade to VPS.
VPS plans and its rates vary for platform to platform just because of there features. Always make comparison between them and their performance according to Bandwidth, Disk Space, RAM and other features with their price according to me BlueHost VPS rates are cheap and best according to their performance and my 2nd choice is Hostgator. But for Indian users i recommend Bigrock try to make comparison between all and then make right decision.

Dedicated Servers

Best performing Servers with unique dedicated IP to serve and take load of website effectively. Dedicated server are costly not for small online business. If your platform receives huge amount of daily traffic in millions then its a right choice. If VPS top most plan is not performing well then jump towards Dedicated. Mostly Govt sites, result site or particular site where huge amount of traffic comes at same time. In that situation dedicated servers are able to take load of whole site or even some big platform like Google, Facebook are working on too many dedicated servers.
Personally i never experience dedicated server performance but if want then again i recommend BlueHost and Hostgator or Even try Digital Ocean for cloud server.
shared, vps and dedicated comparisson

I feel you learn something new and your all doubt should be clear about Shared, VPS and Dedicated servers after reading this article. I just try explain just basic difference and right choice  according to usage. If like then must share it with others.