Media.Net – Yahoo Bing Publisher Ads Network Review

Media.Net - Yahoo Bing Publisher Ads Network
Online Advertising is growing at tremendous rate. So it become difficult to choose Right Ad network even for Advertising or Monetizing Because factors are equally depend just like if company charge high for advertiser then its definitely try pay high to their publisher For more must check How Online Advertising Work. But For monetizing online we always try to use that network which provide best in market. No doubt as Publisher program their is no one best like Google Adsense. But Getting Adsense Approval For blog is not so easy. Even Something Google Adsense Banned Your Account Which is really frustrating moment.
So here is another best Publisher Ad network Which perform best and give highest review as compare to others is It is Contextual Ads network formed by the collaboration of Yahoo And Bing with Media ad network. You can use as alternative of Google Adsense.

Details About Their Features And Program Policies

Targeted Ad Unit:- is totally different from Google Adsense. Their Ads unit are of Keyword Blocks Which are not similar to Google Adsense Ad unit. That means you can use them both on same blog without any worry. provide customizable contextual ads unit which are in the form of keyword blocks. Which increase CTR rate
Mobile Ads:- ads unit provides screen optimization means they provide mobile ads automatically without providing any particular size or mobile banner. These mobile ads also helps to increase your overall revenue.
Revenue System:- provide CPC, CPM based earning criteria in the form of eCPM. Mostly they provide highest review for visitor of US, UK and Canada.
Interface And Reporting:- Earning reports and details are not providing in real time which is bad factor. They only display Real Time Impressions but not earning. So we cannot be able to make assumption about how to earn revenue in best way. site approval
Approval Process:- All the specific domain are approved separately. This process is differ as compare to adsense. little strict in sites management system.
Minimum Payout:- minimum payout is $250 which is quite high. You can get payout via wire transfer or even from Payout Account.
Program Policies:-  All the common policies are same like other about blog type and their content guidelines. But the only thing which i find as major factor for Account is Traffic location. If you are receiving good traffic from US, UK and Canada type countries then their more chances of getting Account approval. program policies


How To Apply For Media.Net Ads?

Before applying make sure that your blog should match their program policies and other guidelines. Approval in almost based on traffic source and blog type. To apply new account for approval Add your accurate details with your blog URL on which behalf you want approval. If you want to Apply then join it right now


As my personal review on using with Google Adsense is not so Good. If you have Adsense then no need to try others. But in-case you have adsense approval then use as best alternative and you can also use it with many other network.  If you want know about other network then must check
Don’t forget to share your reviews and experiences with program.