How To Make Money With Google Adsense For Free

Google Adsense is a best platform for websites Publishers to make money from advertisements. As we all there are many famous services introduced by Google. Adsense Program is one of them from where individual person can earn money. Google Holds much higher position in online services. As We use Google search engine, gmail, YouTube, Playstore, drive, Blogger and much more. Due to huge popularity and traffic on all services. Other Companies, brand and advertisers who want to promote their business and need traffic they choose Google to advertise. So at present Google having huge advertiser including small individual or big companies who want traffic from Google. All those register under the Google Adword program which different from Google Adsense. In Google Adwords they setup Budget and Campaign for their business promotion. Due to lots of advertisers their is huge competition for specific keywords. So its not possible for Google to promote all the product, services and websites  just on search engine or other services. So they introduce Google Adsense program through which Google serves Ads on other websites.


What is Google Adsense Program ?

Google Adsense is a PPC and CPM based Program which display ads on small and big websites, blog and forums of individual personalty or organization. All of these webmasters and bloggers register with Google adsense and Make Money. To join Google Adsense Program there are some Program Policies and on the bases of them approval process is done. Publisher need to apply for with the URL of website or blog where he or she want to display ads and make money. After getting approval you have create a new ads unit from Adsense account and then place in on website or blog. For successful and Original Impression and Click received from website or blog from visitors, publisher earns money. Google Adsense only accept those site which match their program policies because they provide only quality and targeted traffic to advertisers products and service. So we need to make quality website or blog for getting approval.


How Google Adsense Works ?

Google Adsense is free publisher advertising platform. Which Pay publishers to display ads  on their quality website and blogs. Now the question is why Google pay publisher ? what is their own benefit ? and Is it really free to sign up for Google adsense ?.

In starting i also believe that Why someone pay me online. ? And many other question got arise in my mind. But when i got my first earning from Google Adsense. Then i setup my mind to start blogging as my profession. Google Adsense is only advertising service only for publishers. If you don’t know about relationship between advertiser and publisher then suggest to read article about Grow Business & Make Money By Advertising Online.

This will make you clear about how money get transfer from one pocket to another. In simple words Google Adsense works as middle party between you and Advertising agencies. Advertiser Pay for Impressions and Clicks and You will earn from those total impression and clicks calculated by Adsense Metrics. On the behalf of that, your earning get calculated. Adsense Program Simply transfer money from advertiser pocket to Publisher pocket and the Google earns Commission.  There are different percentage according to adsense products which i discuss later. In simple words publisher earns for providing some space for Adsense ad unit on their blog.

Google adsense is publisher based advertising network. Adsense only serves ads on blogs and websites. Google adsense work as interface between advertiser and publisher. Their is separate program called Google Adword. Where advertiser setup budget to promote their business. So google adsense take ads from Google adwords and serves on Publisher Blog. Google adsense is ppc based network So to understand in better i recommend to read about How PPC Ad Networks ?


How Much Publisher Can Earn For Adsense ?

Google Adsense Earning is depend on the different aspects its totally depend on the niche of your site or blog, Visitors Location, Visitor interest and behavior, Ad type, Ads placement and various other factors.


Earning is just like Probability because Adsense is Bid Based CPC Program. Adsense show relevance Adsense to content and only location bases. Why it is probability?. Suppose if your visitor is from US, UK like country and reading your article whose keyword show relevant highest paying ad and then in that condition if you will get any click then your earning performance will be much better but in other condition if their irrelevancy occurs then earning may comes down means its depend on your overall performance of your site and visitors. Adsense is PPC (Pay Per Click) based network means you will get earn from clicks made thought you site on ads. IF you want to know more about PPC then read my article about

What is PPC ( Pay Per Click ) Advertisements ?

Adsense CPC rates Vary from location to location and also depend on niche like blog or sites based on Medicine, Technology, Marketing, Stocks, Health, Education, Jobs and much more categories.  Different type of niche and results in different type of ads which are more relevance to their blog or site. So Mostly CPC Rates vary between $0.01 – $15 per click. Your daily earning is based on total Page view and click in the form RPM ( Rate Per Mile) and depend on CTR (Click through Rate) which depends on ad placement. Minimum Payment of Adsense Program is $100. When you reach this threshold then Adsense will pay you depend on the method you have chosen for payment while via check or other available method. Google Adsense working

 Different Ways of Earning

Adsense program contains for different products for maximize your earning in different way. Adsense For Website (content) Adsense For Search Adsense For Videos Adsense For Mobile These are four different ways to make more earning through Adsense after the account approval. If you have any website then place ads unit and get earn. In same manner you can also use adsense in Custom search engines which also increase your earning. If you have Youtube channel where you feel that your videos are getting good response then you have great opportunity by ads in videos with Adsense for Video program. If you having Android or Mobile app then by choosing Adsense for mobile program you can earn from Apps also. These are four different methods to earn more and more.

How To Become a Part of Adsense Program

Adsense Program if free to use. You are able to sign up with new account just by submitting your details and website details correctly. Otherwise you can also able to sign up with Blogger Blogs for  free. If you have not creating blog yet then read

How To Create a New Blog ?

Adsense approve on quality based content websites which matching adsense program policies. If your Blog or Site and its content matching and comply with program policies then Your newly account and site got approval after Adsense review process. Adsense Approval works in two part in 1st part they approve account which take 5-10 hours and then Site and its content which take 3-4 days. After fully approval you will be able to place ads and start earning revenue. Adsense Never tolerate Invalid click and Impression. So be careful after approval not to click even by mistake on ad unit to test them that will be your biggest mistake. Never encourage others also. Other your account and site will be depend on permanent bases. Before participating must read

Adsense Program policies First.

If your Website or Blog Get Disapproved due to program policies or If Disabled for any reason. Then i suggest you to use some other PPC Networks

Highest Paying PPC Ad Networks

For More details visit Google Adsense help center and must watch this Official video about Adsense working which will make you clear about its working.

At last i hope you all doubt and questions about Adsense may got clear. If you have any problem in this topic must leave your comment.