How To Use Google Adword Keyword Planner Tool for SEO Research

Google keyword Tool is one of the best keyword research. Keyword tool help to find keyword which performs better for SEO. This was the most visited seo to setup and for better keyword research for new SEO campaign just because of its accuracy and trust as compare to keyword tool.
But from 28th August 2013, Google Keyword tool was replaced by New Keyword Planner Tool. However this new tool have more combined features like keyword planning , estimated traffic and CPC rates based on Particular keyword.

Using New Keyword Planner Tool

According to official statement by Google about reason of launching keyword planner in place of keyword tool is This new keyword planner tool is more focused on PPC ads based keyword note just on the keyword for organic search marketing. So if you want to take benefit of this tools simply sign up with Google account in Google Adword. This tool free to use so it is better idea to use some SEO utility for writing better article as well setting PPC ad campaign.
Before going into more details let start with few steps guide about using this Keyword Planner Effectively for better keyword research.
Google Keyword Planner tool
To use this tools create your new account on Adword. After log in into your new account there is an option of Tools and Analysis in Menu Bar >> Then Keyword Planner on 6th place or click here for Keyword Planner Tool From the list for For Option Choose “Search for new Keyword and ad group ideas” which contains
  • Your Product or Service:- In Product and search box enter your desire keywords for which you want to calculate the keyword volume.
  • Your Landing Page:- In Landing Pages you can search for any particular url or page. Simply enter the URL in landing page and search for its keyword volume. If you don,t want then leave it blank and just add keyword in product box only.
  • Your Product Category:- Select the accurate catagory on the bases of the keyword or landing page. by selecting catagory this will only show related keywords, traffic and best CPC rates in result.
  • Targeting:- This feature is helpful for targeting any particular language, location, results from particular search engine, negative keywords to reject particular keywords from your result campaign.
Keyword Planner target
    • Customize your search:- For setting any particular bid rate, monthly search volume, impressions, broadly related ideas on your requirement bases you can also induce keyword or exclude keyword from your campaign.

    Analyzing the Results

    For better keyword ideas and Ad group ideas. just type your particular keywords as i search for keyword “SEO” and setup all the required features to show accurate and best result in Ad group ideas and Just Keyword ideas also.
    In result they display particular search team and also relevance results which show Avg Monthly Searches, Competition, Suggested Bid rate, Add Impression and Add to Plan feature.

     Keyword Planner results
    Keyword Relevancy:- When we search for any particular keyword possibly some other relevant keywords also have good impact. This feature help us to under and choosing better keyword ideas as i search for keyword “seo” in relevance results i also get keywords like “seo tips, seo tools, seo basics, seo software and much more” this help out to targeting best keywords.
    Historical Monthly Searches:- This is the best part about this keyword tools to see the graphics output for 12 month total search for all particular and relevance keywords. This feature help to under and choosing best keyword with better monthly searches. 
    to display graph for every keyword just hover the mouse from left side of each Avg Monthly search. as shown below.

    Competition Level:- This helps to understand about the competition level means how much keyword is used by worldwide. Competition level is defined in three categories High, Medium, Low. Keywords with high competition means that keyword more used by worldwide Sites. Medium means average. Low for less keyword usage. always select those keyword which have low or medium competition and having highest monthly searches. That perform better as my point of view.
    Suggested Bid:- This display the CPC rates for particular keyword in different. This helps to understand the variacrtion between relevance keyword from one to another and make you clear about the approx bid rates.
    Save Keywords To Plan:- After researching and choosing your best keywords and ads groups. Now the time is to save in your plan. You can also download them as i recommend select all keywords individually. Click on the name of ad group and download all the keywords and save into spreadsheet.

    Final Conclusion

    Google Keyword Planner is Step forward for making better Seo strategies. The main Purpose of Google for Introducing this Keyword Planner Instead of Keyword Tool is that. It is not just to researching Keywords only, also to under other factors responsible for better keyword based marketing.