How To Get Google Adsense Approval Fast

Google Adsense Approval

Adsense is major and main source of online income for every Small bloggers. Every newbie blogger always dreams to get Adsense approval fast as much as possible. Adsense is contextual based highest paying ads program based on PPC. They provide relevant and interest based rich banner and text ads which increase the chances of getting clicks and for every click Adsense pay. Now in these days getting Adsense approval become so hard just because of few factors which leads Adsense team to make Some strict rules for getting approval. All these things are just because of increasing spam application who apply for Adsense without any reasons.

Before applying for Adsense make sure that you know all the basic factors about Adsense just like What the Google Adsense means? and how does its works?. If not then must read: All About Google Adsense These some few guidelines which helps you to understand the way of working Adsense and their approval system. As my point view getting an Adsense is not so hard but its depend on the way of working. I also struggle a lot for Adsense but when i understand deeply about all the Adsense factor then i got approval within single week. So here i will try to explore all some basic factors which are necessary and these few tactic will increase 90{b1968f7906ae71d5ef574cbcb88ea8617ec42be1495c1370b3a2d31b497e7612} chances of Adsense approval if understand and follow them in same way as explained.

#1 Domain Name

Domain name plays and important role in Adsense approval. Your own custom domain name recognized your work in better way. Always choose unique and best domain name with good combination of meaningful keywords. Domain name should not be longer than 2 or 3 keyword and never include any harassed, illegal mature keyword. After choosing right keyword and choose right TLDs extension. If You Don’t have domain name then buy it from Godaddy or Bigrock on my recommendation.

#2 Web Hosting or Blogger

If you trying to get Adsense at any free hosting with spammed domain extension then its time for a big deal. Many times we regret to investing online. If you dreaming to survive online then its necessary to invest in better way on your Hosting Plan. Always choose that web hosting service which is reliable and better experience with WordPress or other platform. Choose best plan even shared or VPS which can handle your traffic. On my recommendation buy hosting plan for Hostgator or even from Bluehost is a better idea.
But if are not interesting in all these then try free Blogger program which is reliable with Adsense follow my tutorial about : Create a new Blogger Blog

#3 Quality content

Content is always considered as a king, for getting approval for Adsense always Post unique article and knowledgeable content. Never do copy paste from other source try to be a unique and feel yourself at the stage of user and ask yourself thing is “your site is helpful.? why i visit this site.? and what’s about this site is.?” If have reasons and answers then you are on right way.
For Adsense approval.
Quality Matters Not Quantity
If blog or site is unique and helpful then you will get approval with few content. I also considered many cases where they got Adsense just 10-15 article but i also face cases where 100-200 article but don’t have Adsense. Make sure that your blog should be have some amount of content otherwise you will be rejected for insufficient content.
These are some reasons like Content relevancy, Uniqueness, Straight away to the point with good explanation, all the topics should be based on particular niche which comply with Adsense policies.

#4 Best User Experience

Blog or website look and design also play important role in Adsense approval. Blog navigation should be clear means Your visitors should be able to find all the information accurately which they are looking for. All the important pages like About us, contact us, sitemap and other pages are linked from single Homepage or Webpage. Never mess up your blog design and it should be clean. Never do keyword stuffing, too many anchor text and more crap things which made bad impression at user end.

#5 Follow Webmaster Guidelines.

Whenever your apply for Adsense make sure that your blog should follow Google Webmaster guidelines. Add your blog or website in Webmaster and submit your sitemap this process will help to get indexing your pages in search result which increase the chances of getting organic traffic. Webmaster help us to check index data, markup details, structure validation and to solve other crawler error which help to organize your blog in better. So before applying must check and resolve all the issues.

#6 Comply with Policies

This is major reason for rejection of Adsense applications. Near about 80-90{b1968f7906ae71d5ef574cbcb88ea8617ec42be1495c1370b3a2d31b497e7612} application are rejected just because of policies violation issue. Whenever you apply for adsense Always read all Program policies carefully. Realize all the factors and understand them in best way.
Adsense program policies also explain all such things which i explained above on behalf of my Adsense experience. So to understand all the policies then follow :  Adsense Program Policies

#7 Apply Accurately

This also become major reason for rejection of many applications just because all newbie worried about their personal details and they feel hesitate to fill them while applying. Which leads to rejection. So to avoid this issue also use “Real Name” in Pay name. Fill accurate Address, Accurate site URL for which you want to get approval.

#8 Increasing Traffic Source

The common mistake made by newbie is they apply for fresh domain which result in rejection. Try to built your traffic source first. If you are able to drive traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and others then its Good otherwise try concentrate on Search Traffic. So if you blog or website is new and then first of all let Google to index your post and pages and be Patience to get few amount daily impressions.
If your blog don’t receive 100+ daily impression then wait for few days if you able to achieve that state then will be able to get Adsense approval
These are some few factors which are helpful to understand Adsense in better way. Google Adsense approval totally depend on all the above mention point. If you follow and implement them in right then you will get Adsense approval within 1-2 starting months.
So how is your experience with Google Adsense. After how time you got Adsense must share ideas in below comments.