What is Blogging ? – How To Create Your New Free Blog ?

Blogging is great way to explore your views online around any particular topic or multiple topics. Some peoples are blogging just for fun and interest and other are blogging for making money. Blogging means publishing any article which may related to religions, technology, jobs, health or other discussions at online web page like website. There are millions of blogs on internet.

What is Blog ? Is it different from website ?

Blogs are web pages which are use for publishing  topics or latest updates like Learn To Success is also a blog under blogger platform. Its totally free to create your new blog but it is different from website not totally but little bit. websites are data based which required hosting for  data storage. Websites are mostly use for hosting any products or other download able material. It is also possible to use website as blog for publish updates but you can also create you free blog under any website which provide these services.

There are many online web services which provide free blogs like Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Tumblr, weeby, typepad etc. These are some big websites with lets you to create your own blog free. Among all of these there are two major sites blogger and WordPress which are very popular for creating blog.
Have you ever hear about blogs or already create any blog. ? If yes then good but if you never hear about blog and even do know how to create your new blog. Lets start with below given tips to create new blog within few minutes.

How Create Your New Blog ?

There are two popular platform for creating you blog  Blogger and WordPress. many peoples suggest that blogger is best while other suggest WordPress. But i find blogger more easiest as compare to WordPress. Blogger is under the Google Inc. Blogger also provides best services as compare WordPress. Not doubt WordPress also a good platform but there are many services, plugins and also templates designs with are not free of cost at WordPress. WordPress is limited in many services as compare to blogger.
If you never create any blog then i suggest you to create new one at blogger. If you want to create it now then follow all steps.

  • Then you create you new account or you can also use you gmail or Google+ account on blogger.
  • After log in you account you have to create your new blog by from create blog button
  • Then new pop window will open and setup your blog title then blog URL and select template and then create you blog


create blog
  • After creating your new blog you can change your blog design by going to template tab and switch to any templates you want or you can also choose custom design by backup/restore button in template tab. If have basic knowledge about HTML you can make changes at edit HTML and create design which you want.
    blogger features

  • If you want change positions of plugins or want to and code or scripts then go to layout tab >> Then add widget >> Then choose HTML/JavaScript and add your any script like i am using many plugins on sidebar and footer of safe tricks.
  • To create any articles and updates go to posts tab where you can create articles around any topic like i am posting these articles which you are reading now.
  • To create pages like contact, about or pages switch to pages tab.
  • To do other basic settings of blog go to settings tab where you can change post style, search and other settings, you can also choose custom domain in setting tab like i am using LearnToSuccess.com instead of original blogger sub-domain LearnT0Success.blogspot.in 

At last i think if you are new in blogging world after reading this article you learn something helpful and new. Must share this article with your friends also.
If have any question regarding this topic free to ask me in comment box..:)